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October Grab and Go: Watercolor Wonder

This month, kids and teens have the same Grab and Go kit – a watercolor set!

Watercoloring is a fun, easy, and relaxing activity to do. And with some common household items, you can create special effects too! 

  1. Layers: After painting with one color, immediately paint with another color on top to create a different shade
  2. Aluminum Foil: After painting, put some crinkled aluminum foil on top. Once it dries, remove the foil and see your new design

  3. Plastic Cling Wrap: Like the aluminum foil, put some crinkled plastic wrap on top after painting. Take it off once the paint dries. How does it look different from the effect the aluminum foil made? How is it similar?

  4. Sponge: After painting, use a sponge to make different patterns. Press hard or press softly to get a different effect.

  5. Salt: after painting, sprinkle some salt onto your artwork. Let the paint dry before brushing the salt off.

Here are what all the effects look like together after they’re complete:

Experiment with other items (with permission from your grown-up!) What other cool effects can you make? Try painting after using other art materials, like crayons or colored pencils. What happens? Why do you think that is?


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