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Staff photoI have a tendency to gravitate towards science fiction and fantasy because of the wonderment that is contained within those pages. For me, the best science fiction portrays what our world could look like, either good or bad, while fantasy allows me to explore the possibilities inherent in other universes or with magic. When I’m not busy plunging into the future or in a galaxy far, far away, I like to look into the history of our own world and what is currently happening with science now. Historical and scientific nonfiction lets me scratch the urge to learn more about the world around me: both where we come from and where we are going. I particularly like narrative nonfiction, which allows me to learn in a way that also tells a story.

One of my favorite mediums to experience all genres is graphic novels and comic books. Whether I’m following along with my favorite superhero, Captain America, and his adventures fighting Hydra or pausing to reflect in a graphic memoir of growing up in Iran, there’s always something new and exciting happening in graphic novels!

Motto: “To boldly go.”

Ask me about: My bookshelf of “Stories That Messed Me Up”.



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