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Staff photoReading has been one of my favorite activities since I was a child. I remember the exact moment reading clicked for me. I was in kindergarten, sitting in Mrs. Corgliano’s “reading bathtub,” an old claw-foot tub painted with bright colors and filled with cushions to be a comfy reading nook. I was struggling to read a Clifford the Big Red Dog book and getting frustrated. All of a sudden, I felt like the letters just slid into place and I could suddenly make sense of them. I jumped up and yelled, “I can read now!” From that moment on I loved getting my hands on a book and falling into a story.

As a child I would read every book in a series or by a favorite author before moving on to something new. I read all of the Boxcar Children, Baby-Sitters Club, and Narnia series, then everything by Madeline L’Engle and Louisa May Alcott, and by the time I hit middle school I would switch between Shakespeare, Tolkien, and Nora Roberts. I was one of the lucky fans to live through the release of the Harry Potter series in real time, and had many heated discussions with friends speculating the ending of the series and Snape’s true nature.

As an adult, I still love finding my favorites. I’ve read everything by Agatha Christie and am a big fan of mysteries for adults and children. Growing up I’d imagine traveling to Narnia and Hogwarts, and fantasy remains one of my favorite genres. I’m anxiously awaiting the next installment of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, and I love discovering the new worlds imagined in fantasy for all ages. I’m enjoying revisiting some of the classics as an adult and finding my perspective on them changed. These days I also read lots of picture and board books to my two small children, and I’m enjoying helping them discover their own favorite authors and illustrators.

While I am currently a weekend Youth Services Librarian, I am also a Deerfield resident and a frequent patron of the Library. I worked as a sixth-grade reading teacher before becoming a librarian, so I enjoy talking with parents about literacy development and helping children find books that are interesting and fun to read, because enthusiastic reading is the best way to develop literacy skills!

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