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Brief description of the Deerfield Public Library:
  1. Our purpose is to provide materials and services for the recreational, social, informational, and educational needs of the community.
  2. An organizational chart is available as a printable document.
  3. The operating budget for FY 2024 is 5,140,500. The debt service is 689,700.

Funding sources are property and corporate and personal property replacement taxes, interest income, material fees, state grants, gifts and donations, and reserves. Tax levies are for the General Operating Expenditures and bond debt service.

  1. The office is located at this address: 920 Waukegan Road, IL 60015
  2. We employ approximately the following number of persons:
  1. Full-time: 34
  2. Part-time: 28
  1. Effective January 1, 2012, the Illinois State Legislature adopted a new law which requires the following:
  1. Within six days of approving its budget, an IMRF employer must post the total compensation package for each employee receiving a total compensation package that exceeds $75,000 a year.
  1. At least six days before an IMRF employer approves an employee’s total compensation package that will equal or exceed $150,000 a year, the employer must post the total compensation package for that employee.

The term “total compensation package” is defined as the “payment by the employer to the employee for salary, health insurance, a housing allowance, a vehicle allowance, a clothing allowance, bonuses, loans, vacation days granted, and sick days granted.”

Each September, the Library Board of Trustees considers the approval of the operating budget for the fiscal period, January 1 through December 31.  No compensation package changes are considered at that time.

The Deerfield Public Library has twelve employees that receive over $75,000, as defined above. Details are available from the Library Director or Head of Finance who can be reached at 847-945-3311.

G. The following organization exercises control over our policies and procedures: The Deerfield Public Library Board of Trustees, which meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, 6:30 p.m. at the library.

Its members are: Luisa Ellenbogen, President; Ken Abosch, Secretary; Seth Schriftman, Treasurer; Stephanie Brand; Josh Charlson; Michael Goldberg; and Emily Wallace.

H. We are required to report to and be answerable for our operations to: Illinois State Library, Springfield, Illinois. Its members are: State Librarian, Alexi Giannoulias (Secretary of State); Director of State Library, and various other staff. In addition, the Village of Deerfield is the Corporate Authority under the law.

I. As an IMRF employer with a website, we are required to post a link to the IMRF “Employer Cost & Participant Information” webpage.

Information and records are available to the public in the following manner:

A. Complete the Deerfield Public Library Freedom of Information Request Form.

B. Requests must be made by mail via the postal service or by e-mail and should be directed to the following individual: FOIA Officer at Deerfield Public Library, 920 Waukegan Road, Deerfield, IL 60015 or to

C. Indicate whether the information requested is for “commercial purpose”[1] in request.[2]

D. Specify if the records requested are to be disclosed for inspection or to be copied. Indicate records be certified, if applicable.

E. To reimburse our actual costs for reproducing and certifying (if requested) the records, $1.00 will be charged for each certification of records. There will be no charge for the first fifty (50) pages of black and white text, letter or legal size, and $0.15 per page for copied records in excess of 50 pages. Actual copying cost of color copies and other sized copies will be charged

F.  If the records are kept in electronic format, a specific format may be requested and if feasible, will be so provided. If not, records will be provided either in the electronic format in which they are maintained (which will require payment by the requester of the actual cost of the medium only, i.e. disc, diskette, tape, etc.) or in paper with any applicable fees.

G. The office will respond to a written request within five (5) working days or sooner if possible. An extension of an additional five (5) working days may be necessary to properly respond.

H. Records may be inspected or copied. If inspected, an employee must be present throughout the inspection.

The records will be available for inspection, by appointment on weekdays, at the Administration Office of the Deerfield Public Library, 920 Waukegan Road, Deerfield, Illinois 60015

Certain types of information maintained by us are exempt from inspection and copying; however the following types or categories of records are maintained under our control and may be requested:

  1. Monthly Financial Statements
  2. Annual Receipts and Disbursements Reports
  3. Operating Budgets
  4. Annual Audits
  5. Minutes of the Board of Library Trustees
  6. Library Policies, including Collection Development
  7. Adopted Resolutions of the Board
  8. Annual Reports to the Illinois State Library

[1]  “Commercial purpose” is defined in the Act as “the use of any part of a public record or records, or information derived from public records, in any form for sale, resale, or solicitation or advertisement for sales or services.” However, there are exceptions for news media, non-profits, scientific and academic organizations for disseminating news, articles or opinions of public interest, or research or education.

[2] In the event a “commercial interest” is involved, additional questions can be asked of the requestor by the public body FOIA officer in order to determine the classification, then the public body has up to 21 days to respond and either deny the request based on exemptions or undue burden; or estimate the time and cost of the copying from prepayment; or provide the documents requested.

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