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The Library will open at 10:00am on Wednesday, June 26 due to staff training.

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Giving Tree

Giving tree logoThe Board of Trustees is pleased to announce a new, non-monetary way to honor individuals and organizations who have given their time to the Deerfield Public Library. This new initiative called the Giving Tree is growing in the Library lobby.

Knowing that support comes in many forms, the Board will use the following criteria to determine honorees:

  • Extraordinary Service to DPL
  • Character
  • Length of Service to DPL

This is a unique opportunity for the board to recognize and honor those community members who have contributed time and talent to the Library. This is a non-monetary initiative.

Download the Giving Tree Nomination Form

2017 Giving Tree Honorees

Susan Benn, Library Trustee, 1976-2003

For more than a quarter of a century, your contributions helped direct the Library to experience the growth and change required to meet the needs of the community. During your tenure, the Library adopted the automated catalog and circulation systems, and passed policy to participate in the popular Reciprocal Borrowing Program. Your time spent as a liaison to the North Suburban Library System and the Illinois Library Association served the mission of all Illinois libraries.

Friends of the Deerfield Public Library

Since the Friends of the Deerfield Public Library was established in 2007, they have been hard at work raising funds through the beautifully organized showcase Friends Books Sale area, and many other endeavors. In addition, the members and volunteers serve as cheerleaders and promoters of the Library they serve so well. It takes a Village of Friends to support a great Village library.

Jack Hicks, Librarian: Staff, 1973-1988, Director, 1988-2006

From the start of Jack’s career at the Deerfield Public Library as a reference library, he worked cooperatively to expand and innovate library service. Throughout his career, Jack served on professional committees that improved library service not only in Deerfield, but at the regional and state level. Yet, Jack was always a familiar presence, both inside and outside the library. He still found time to produce puppet shows, which he believed helped children learn how to read. Jack personified the scope and mission of libraries.

Laurie Leibowitz, Library Advocate

With your skilled leadership, a dedicated Deerfield citizens’ group successfully advocated for a new and improved Deerfield Public Library – not an easy feat! The Library as we now know it is a direct result of the many long hours you spent planning and implementing creative and effective communications regarding the referendum.

Peggy McCabe, Library Staff, 1969-1989

During your 20 years of service at the Library, you were instrumental in much of the growth of the library, with your imprint on the look of the building, the collection, and the high quality of service. Library Director Jack Hicks wrote “When Deerfield citizens think of the Deerfield Library, they think of Peggy McCabe.”

Bernice Mitkey, Volunteer, 2008-2016

Your keen eye and attention to detail has been of great service to both the Adult Services and Youth Services Departments. Most recently, we watched in awe as you created order of thousands of skinny children’s books  — a task few are brave enough to tackle. Additionally, your willingness to mend worn puppets has greatly extended the life of many a beloved character. We are grateful for your friendship and support.

Mary Pergander, Library Director, 2006-2015

Mary’s many contributions to the Library were always reflective of the needs of the community, from leading the renovation and expansion of the library, to the expansive growth of digital resources, and materials circulation overall. As a skilled communicator, Mary helped raise awareness of the volume and diversity of library services and resources available to the community. Mary has also impacted library service, as a committed mentor and inspired colleague to both seasoned and new librarians throughout the region.

Bill Seiden, Library Trustee and Village Liaison

The Library and community have benefited from Bill’s love of libraries for more than 20 years. First, as a Library Board member and Treasurer, and for many years as Village Liaison to the Library. With the understanding that cooperative services strengthen all libraries, Bill also served on the Board of the regional North Suburban Library System. Bill’s continuity of commitment has contributed to a stronger and more progressive library for Deerfield and throughout Illinois.

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