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5 Magazine Titles You Didn’t Know We Had

We’ve Got Issues!
5 Magazines Titles You Didn’t Know We Had

We have so many magazines available here at the library, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin! Most of our community knows about the popular magazines, like People and Time, but some of our magazines get less love than they deserve. Here are some of the magazines you might have missed when you were browsing the stacks….

Cycle WorldCycle World

If you have any interest in motorcycles at all, then Cycle World is the magazine for you! Whether you own a bike and want to know more about taking care of it, or just want to look at all the amazing pictures of different bikes, you’re covered! The magazine also talks about motorcycle racing, important issues in the motorcycling world, and describes test rides for different bikes. It’s very informative for both current motorcycle owners and those thinking about buying one.

Current History

Current History bills itself as a “journal of contemporary world affairs,” and it definitely lives up to it! It contains extremely well-researched articles on world events from every part of the globe. Each issue has a certain focus – for example, every continent (except for Antarctica) has a special issue.  The journal covers global trends in democracy and a wide range of other special topics. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to know more about the world we live in today.

National ParksNational Parks

Planning on traveling this summer? Want the vicarious experience of hiking through a park without leaving the comfort of your own home? Do you have an interest in our national parks and what conservationists are doing to keep our national treasures safe? Then this magazine is for you! National Parks has tons of interesting articles on different national parks all across the country, including descriptions of trips, present day happenings, preservation efforts, and so much more!

Sky & Telescope

You might have known that we have the Astronomy magazine, but did you know we also have Sky & Telescope? This fantastic scientific resource has articles on everything from looking back in time using the Hubble Telescope (the further out you look, the farther back you see!), to how to get your kids interested in stargazing, to how to properly clean your telescopes! It’s very accessible for the non-astronomer, too:  the writers use terminology everyone can understand. As an added bonus, the pictures are pretty great!


Full disclaimer:  I adore this magazine the most. It’s a super cool look into the world of archaeology and it has fantastic pictures too! Archaeology has updates on new discoveries in the field (just last month someone found asbestos in a 12th century painting from the Byzantine Empire!), a world roundup of important archaeological digs, and informative articles on everything from the Aztecs to the Vikings. It’s an amazing resource for anyone who is interested in history, archaeology, or the ancient world.


Next time you’re at the library, browse our magazines and be on the look-out for these, and the over 150 other titles we carry!  Can’t get to the library?  Try out Zinio Magazines- it’s a free magazine service through the Library.  Read complete issues of the hottest titles on your computer or portable device.  Download as many as you want and keep them forever.  No holds, no limits!  Find out more about Zinio here.

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