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Adult Services Hidden Gems

If you’ve been to the Library recently, you already know that we’ve got a wealth of information and entertainment items available for your check out.  We’re happy to offer that help, so we talk about it a lot.  We offer databases and download services to help you when you’re at home and looking for opportunities to learn and explore.  But when we talk about certain services, we are still met with surprise! Take a peek at some awesome hidden gems nestled in our Adult Services Department:

  1. Technology One on One Sessions:  Technology upgrades and changes pretty much at the moment you’ve purchased your device.  The librarians in the Adult Services Department, though, task themselves with staying current on all sorts of digital trends.  This is why we are able to schedule hour-long sessions with our patrons to meet their individual technology needs!  We encourage patrons to bring their device in with so that they can experience the technology on their own machinery.  If you’re looking to “try before you buy,” the Adult Services Department would be willing to help you discover how an iPad or Microsoft Excel can enhance your life. Over the course of 2014, the Adult Services Department has already conducted more than 70 hours’ worth of patron-requested teaching sessions.  We’ve helped people learn about using their Android tablets, downloading e-Audiobooks or using Windows 8.1.  If you’re interested in checking out that service, contact me at to schedule a One on One!
  2. Categorized Collections:  In the Adult Services Department, we have identified a few different collections to help meet the needs of our expansive patron base.  We highlight books that fall into certain categories to make them easier to identify and browse.  The Adult Multi-Level Reads Collection features books that are helpful to citizens who are living with Alzheimer’s disease or are looking for a read that would be appropriate to Adults looking for high interest topics with easier Lexile levels.  We offer books in Large Print or on Audio CD so that patrons who have challenges with vision impairment can take advantage of our collection. Like to read Fiction?  We’ve got our Mystery and Science Fiction sections pulled out in their own areas as well.  If you’re looking for a lightweight Paperback book, we’ve got a section for you, too.
  3. Books to Go Service:  The Adult Services Department is tasked with taking care of all of the adults in our community whether they come into the physical library or not.  We take this opportunity to serve them with our Books to Go Services.  Once per month, an Adult Services Librarian delivers books to patrons who are registered with the program.  The patron may ask for specific books or let our librarians work their Reader’s Advisory magic to choose books that will fit their personal reading tastes! If you’d like to take advantage of this service, contact Ted at (847)945-8833 to get on our route.

So, there you have it. The library has more to offer than you might have known. If you haven’t stopped downstairs to visit the Adult Services Department, now is the time to visit!

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