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April 2024 Grab & Go Kits

Below are the instructions for April 2024 Grab & Go kits! Grab one only in the Youth Department at the Library. While supplies last.


Yarn Tube Octopi

This month, we’re celebrating Earth Month by having a craft that contains only materials we’re reusing! Staff members at the library came together to collect paper tubes, yarn they didn’t need to use, and left over scrap paper. And all those materials can create a cute, new craft!

Each kit includes:

  • 1 paper tube
  • 1 mini ball of yarn
  • 1 piece of scrap paper

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Crayons, markers, or other art supplies
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  1. Color your paper tube! I chose a raspberry color.

GG April 24 PK 1

2. Cut your octopus’s tentacles. They can be any length you choose but remember, octopi have 8 tentacles!

GG April 24 PK 2

3. Wrap your yarn around the body of your octopus. I tied my yarn and cut off the ends so it’d stay on.

GG April 24 PK 3

4. If you’d like your octopus’s tentacles to be curled, you can use a pencil or marker to bend them!

GG April 24 PK 4

5. Create eyes using your piece of scrap paper.

GG April 24 PK 5

6. Lastly, glue your eyes onto your octopus. You did it!

GG April 24 PK 6

Remember, you don’t need fancy materials to make fun crafts. You can reuse various household items that we’d otherwise recycle or throw away. Can you think of something you can create with the paper bag this grab & go came in?

STEAM Levitating Fly Kit

image 4

Instructions for the Grades 1-4 activity are in each kit.

Rain Painting

You know what they say about April showers… So let’s make some rain art!

IMG 3227

Each kit includes:

  • A piece of water color paper
  • 2 silhouettes to choose from
  • A set of water colors
  • A pipette
  • Painters tape

You will need:

  • Glue or a gluestick
  • A cup of water
  • Paper towels or newspaper


  1. Pick the silhouette you like the best and glue it to the bottom corner of the water color paper.
    IMG 3215
  2. Unroll the painters tape from the pipette and tear it in half. Use it to cover your silhouette completely
    IMG 3216
  3. Put a LOT of water in the colors you want to use, and then use the brush to mix the paint into the water
    IMG 3217 IMG 3218
  4. Put down a paper towel or newspaper under your paper. Use the pipette and drop a big drop of paint at the top of the paper. Hold the paper upright to make the water streak down the page.
    IMG 3220 IMG 3221
  5. Repeat as many times as you want with as many colors as you want! Experiment with making the drops bigger and smaller, and holding the paper at different angles.
    IMG 3223 IMG 3224
  6. Carefully remove the painters tape from the silhouette (it may stick to the construction paper, so go slowly)
    IMG 3225
  7. If you want, add storm clouds at the top!
    IMG 3226          

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