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Beat the Summertime Blues @ DPL

“I’m bored!” “There’s nothing to do-o-o-o-o!”

Have you ever heard these words come out of your child’s mouth? Join the club! Summer vacation is a wonderful time due to the freedom from the structure of the school year, but at the same time, it’s difficult because of, well, the freedom from the structure of the school year. Those first few weeks are pure bliss, but eventually, you’re looking for a way to combat the summertime-boredom-blues. A trip to the Deerfield Public Library might just be the solution you’re looking for!


We’ve got foam blocks that are perfect for building a fort, a castle, a car wash or just about anything else your child can imagine. Playing with blocks has proven to be excellent not only for spatial relationships and eye-hand coordination, but also for creativity development, mathematical knowledge, and even turn-taking. Building with blocks also increases your child’s vocabulary:  just ask her a question about what she has built and listen to the detailed answer.

Puppet Theater

We have a puppet theater with a variety of puppets. You can be the audience and watch your child put on an elaborate (or simple) puppet show. Switch places and let your own creativity come to life….c’mon, you know you want to be a kid again! Playing with puppets is also a good way to build your child’s creativity and vocabulary.

DollhouseDoll House and Train Table

Whether your child makes tracks to the train table or darts to the dollhouse, these are two great ways to play creatively together. Ask occasional questions while playing: “Where is the train going?” “What will the people see when they get there?” “Who lives in the dollhouse?” “What do they like to do on the weekends?”

Unlike electronic games, pretend play doesn’t follow a prescribed path and enhances your child’s creativity. The block builders of today may very well be the engineers and architects of tomorrow!  So the next time your child proclaims boredom, stop by the Deerfield Public Library for books, music, and PLAY!

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