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Introducing Binge Boxes!

We have a new collection we’ll be circulating at the Deerfield Library. We think they’re pretty neat and we hope you enjoy them and check them out. We’re calling it the Binge-Watching Collection

Our movie supplier has put together a series called Binge Boxes. Each Binge Box has between 4 and 6 DVDs and each one has a theme. For instance, the “Pasta Cowboys” Binge Box includes three classic Clint Eastwood movies and then Django Unchained. The “Humor in Between The Notes” Binge Box includes School of Rock, The Blues Brothers, Pitch Perfect, Tenacious D, and Pirate Radio. The “Black History” Binge Box includes six great movies: The Birth of A Nation, 12 Years A Slave, The Race, Red Tails, 42, and Selma. Some of the Binge Boxes have clever titles. One of my favorites is “Don’t Travel with Tom Hanks” which includes Castaway, Sully, Captain Phillips, and Apollo 13.

Browse our Binge-Watching Collection

You can check out each Binge Box for 3 weeks and each box only counts as one checkout for your limit. So they’re a great way to get a bunch of movies all at once. You can find them by going to our catalog, typing Binge Box in the search field and a list of all of the titles will show up. Put a hold on a few and pick them up at our Curbside Pickup. We hope you enjoy them!

Learn about the collection in our YouTube video:

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