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Craft of the Month: Paper Plate Ring Toss

Are you looking for something fun to both make and play with your family? Then this craft is for you!

Materials you will need:

  • four paper plates (plain white would work best, but any color plates are fine)
  • one paper towel tube
  • scissors 
  • markers (crayons or colored pencils are fine too)
  • clear tape


  1. First cut the inside middle circle out of three of your paper plates. 
  2. Then flip them over and color the outside of those three paper plates any way that you want!
  3. Next, take your paper towel tube, and cut four slits on one end of it-one in the front, one in the back, and one on each side to make four little flaps. 
  4. Then flip over your fourth paper plate to the outer side, and tape each of the flaps on to the bottom of the paper towel tube to the middle of the plate.  This is now the stand/target for you to toss your rings on to. 
  5. Have fun playing this with your family, or even on your own! Try throwing it from different distances-is it easier if you stand closer or further away from the target?
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