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December 2021 Youth Grab & Go: Mini Snowball Catapult

Create a simple catapult and use it to launch small items like a cotton ball. See how far you can launch the snowball (cotton ball) using the snowflake distance sheet or a ruler. Challenge someone to see who can get the snowball to go the farthest.

Use the snowflake sheet to play a game and earn snowflake points based on what row your snowball lands in. The top row is worth the most – seven snowflakes!

1 catapult supplies 1


9 Jumbo Craft Sticks
8 Rubber Bands
1 Spoon
1 Cotton Ball
1 Snowflake Distance Sheet

*Grab & Go Kits may include extra craft sticks and rubber bands in case one breaks or you want to experiment*

Step 1

Attach the spoon to one craft stick with two rubber bands

2 snowball catapult 1

Step 2

Stack the craft stick with spoon to another craft stick, rubber band one end together.

3 snowball catapult 1

Step 3

Stack at least five craft sticks together and rubber band each end.

4 snowball catapult 1

Step 4

Carefully slide the stack of five craft sticks in between the stack of two.

5 snowball catapult 1

Step 5

Use two rubber bands to make an X where your craft sticks meet and load your catapult with the snowball (aka the cotton ball).

6 snowball catapult 1

Step 6

Hold your catapult steady at the connected end and use your other hand to pull down on the spoon. Ready? Set? LAUNCH!

7 snow ball catapult 1

Optional: You can decorate your catapult and the snowflake distance sheet using crayons or stickers! You can also experiment with how many craft sticks you stack together to see if that changes how far your cotton balls can go.

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