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Fall Movie Discussion – “Who was the best Bond?”

Please join us for our next series of Movie Discussions: “Who was the best Bond?”

Every quarter we pick a theme for a new Movie Discussion and we show one film a month on a Thursday afternoon at 1pm. We start each film with a brief talk by Ted (that’s me!), our Multimedia Librarian. I will talk about some of the background of each film, each actor that played James Bond, and throw in a few fun facts and things to look for in each movie. Please feel free to stay after the film as well if you would like to chat a little more.

James Bond is one of the most enduring and fascinating characters in film. In September we’ll watch “Goldfinger” starring Sean Connery. His portrayal of James Bond is the benchmark by which all other performances are measured. Is his James Bond still the best? In October we’ll watch “The Spy Who Loved Me” starring Roger Moore. Moore brought more humor to the role. His films were known for their epic storylines and thrilling special effects and chase scenes. But, does Roger Moore’s version of James Bond stand the test of time? Finally, in November, we’ll watch “Casino Royale” starring Daniel Craig. The recent reboot of James Bond has been more dark and realistic than the previous Bond films. Daniel Craig’s performance as Bond is much more grim and serious than previous Bonds. The recent films have also been among the best Bond films ever made. Has Daniel Craig’s Bond become the best? Is his performance better than Sean Connery’s?

It will be fun to compare the different Bond portrayals throughout the years, especially with recent rumors about Idris Elba taking over as James Bond in future films. These rumors sparked many conversations about the Bond character, including this clip from NPR on whether the James Bond franchise is ready for a black 007. Listen to the story for more perspective on the Bond character and then come weigh in on who you think was the best Bond at our movie discussions.

Fall Movie Discussion Series Schedule
Thursday September 10th @ 1pm “Goldfinger” rated PG (110 minutes)
Thursday October 22nd @ 1pm “The Spy Who Loved Me” rated PG (125 minutes)
Thursday November 19th @1pm “Casino Royale” rated PG-13 (144 minutes)

Our Winter Movie Discussion Series (December, January, February) will feature three films from legendary screen actress Marilyn Monroe. We’ll look at three of her best films and talk about her legacy and life.

Our Spring Movie Discussion Series (March, April, May) will feature three films that will be  nominated for the Best Picture award at the 2016 Academy Awards. This Movie Discussion Series is always one of our most popular film series every year.

If you have any ideas for upcoming film discussions please let us know! Feel free to leave your suggestions with us at the Multimedia Desk.

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