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Getting College Ready with the Library

I know, I know, it seems like September is way too early to be thinking about prepping for the ACT and SAT tests. And discussing college preparedness? Get out of here! In reality though, I’ve found that hosting these events early in the Fall eases both parents and Teens minds as they’re introduced to the concepts without all of that added pressure.

Partnering with Kaplan, the Library is able to provide highschoolers with the complete ACT and SAT practice tests that are the perfect precursor to the real thing. Students are invited to the Library on a Saturday morning and are allotted the same amount of time to take the test as they would for the actual test. A proctor from Kaplan oversees the tests and Students are guaranteed peace and quiet in our Lower Level Meeting Rooms for the entire duration of the exams. The best part is that these programs, like all of our programs at the Library, are absolutely free. It’s an opportunity for students, whether nervous about the actual tests or just curious about what they can expect, can take the test guilt free, and since I schedule multiple practice tests a year, they can return as many times as they like to retake it.

The Library will be hosting Jan Carol, a Deerfield tutor, as she provides parents and Teens with the ins and outs of ACT test taking. Jan has all of the answers to your questions about scoring, choosing test dates, the PSAT and preparing for the exam. She’s the perfect accompaniment to the practice tests that will follow later in the Fall.

We will also welcome back Hanna Stotland, a college admissions consultant with over 14 years of experience as she gives insight into the entire college admissions process and how your family can find the right path.

In addition to these programs, you can check out test prep books anytime at the Library, or access free practice tests through BrainFuse, an online Library resource that that assists students of all ages in various subjects, including A.P courses and the ACT/SAT’s. All you need is a Deerfield Library card for access!

I could give you a bunch of statistics about ACT and SAT testing, or the importance of being prepared for the awesome adventure that is College, but the truth is that you know all of that already. I can, however, emphasize that the Library has what you need when it comes to practicing for those big tests and we encourage you to bring every last one of your questions to our September presentations and to check out the Library’s own materials so you can feel fully confident and informed. After all, isn’t that the best way to start off a new school year?

Register here for:

Free ACT Practice Test: Saturday, September 27th, 10am-1:30pm

Free SAT Practice Test: Saturday, November 1st, 10am-2:30pm

Straight Talk on College Admissions: Monday, September 8th, 7-8pm

All You Need to Know about the ACT’s: Monday, September 22nd, 7-8pm



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