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Grab and Go Craft: Bling Out Your School Supplies

It’s that time of year when we start getting ready for school and getting our school supplies together. How about putting a little pizzazz into your school supplies? Our Grab & Go kits, available Monday, August 16, are first-come, first-serve, and have everything you need to bling out your folders, pencils, and paper clips which are included in the kit. Use your imagination and have some fun making some unique things that will have your friends questioning where they can get them!

There are a few ideas below and pictures on the instruction sheet to get you started. Make it what you want it to be! There is no right or wrong.

There are kits for both Youth and Teen and are marked as such, one per person, please. You can pick up a kit from our green Creation Station (outside the library entrance) or on the tables in the Youth and Teen Spaces. 

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Note: You may not have everything that is mentioned below as the Youth kits are different from the Teen kits. Some items are similar, with a different twist. You can refer to the instruction sheet in the kit.

Pens & Pencils

Wrap some washi tape around the writing implement. You can add some feathers on the top, secured down by washi tape. You can even throw a few gems on the pencil or pen.

pencils 1


There are so many different ways to decorate your folder! Bling it up with some gems, or use some stickers and washi tape and make a design on it. Cut up some decorative paper and glue it down to the folder in an appealing design.

folder washi 1

Paper Clips/Binder Clips

Paper clips are fun to use if you tie a tassel to it. Just take the loop at the end of the tassel, thread it through the paper clip and tie a knot.

Binder clips can be decorated with washi tape and you can even Mod Podge them with a homemade recipe.

paperclip tassel 1


We can always use bookmarks! We’ve included some designs that you can color any way you want and cut them out. In the Youth kit, we’ve included two magnets to make a bookmark with the decorative paper included. You will need some stiffer paper, such as cardstock, cardboard, or even a magazine cover will do.

  1. Cut the card stock into a paper strip. A nice size is about 1 inch wide and 6 inches long.
  2. Wrap your decorative paper around it and attach it with glue.
  3. Fold the paper strip in half.
  4. You can decorate the outside of it with gems if you like.
  5. Peel the sticky magnets off the backing and apply one magnet to each of the inside ends of the bookmark so that when closed, the magnets are aligned.

To use: Open bookmark and insert over a page so that one magnet is on each side of the page. Voilá! Now you will never lose your place or your bookmark again!

bookmark 1

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