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I’m a Kindergarten Kid

Congratulations! Your child is entering Kindergarten! Whether it’s the first child you’re sending off to school or the baby of the family, it’s an emotional and wonderful milestone! While this year probably looks very different than what your family was expecting, there are many things that remain the same. Your child will still see old friends, will make new friends, and, of course, will learn many exciting things. I remember when our daughters were in kindergarten:  it was as if we could see them growing and changing right before our eyes! That will happen this year, regardless of the different circumstances. 

“I’m a Kindergarten Kid” celebrates the simple act of saying hello as well as how our homes are places full of fun and learning!  We will also read about the power of the word “yet.” A growth mindset is one of the most important school supplies your child can have. When a child understands that learning takes effort, that mistakes are okay, and that their brain is a muscle that can get stronger, research shows that they will be resilient and put forth more effort at difficult tasks. Helping your child understand that they can’t do something yet, but that one day they might be able to, is important!

I hope you and your child enjoy this “I’m a Kindergarten Kid” storytime. Starting Kindergarten is exciting and a reason to celebrate! At the Deerfield Public Library, we’re proud of your Kindergarten Kid!

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