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January 2024 Grab & Go Kits

Below are the instructions for January 2024 Grab & Go kits! Grab one only in the Youth Department at the Library. While supplies last.


Yeti for Winter!

Are you “yeti” for winter? This abominable snowman craft is and will make the cold, snowy days a bit cuter! 

Follow the instructions in the kit to make the Yeti. Then have fun creating a silly story together with your child. Just fill in the blanks with the words as prompted, and you’ll have an original silly story about your child and its new pal, the Yeti!

image 2

STEAM Ziplines

Kids in grades 1-4 get to learn the basic principles of gravity and weight with this fun activity. 


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Plus a length of string, though you might need longer, so feel free to use your own!

  1. First, decorate your cups.
  2. Next, use the pipe cleaners to create hooks with the bobbins.
  3. Tie your sting to two separate objects, making sure one side is higher up than the other. 
  4. Then race the baskets down the zipline!
  5. For a more in-depth examination of gravity, add various weights to the baskets to see how the added weight affects the baskets going down the zipline.

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Bullet Journaling

New Year, new journal! Start off the year by trying out bullet journaling! Each kit includes a small dot journal, an erasable gel pen, and two rolls of washi tape. (Note: push the clip part of the pen down to get the point out!)

Check out this book on Hoopla for tips and tricks: Study with Me by Jasmine Shao

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