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Job Hunting Resources

Social distancing and sheltering-in-place have been tough on individuals, families, and our world – especially the economy. The library understands that many individuals in our community are going through tremendous hardships. While some are lucky enough to have a job in which they can work from home, others are not so fortunate. We hope these online resources can help those who are job hunting.

Library resources

Gale Courses offers online, instructor-led courses on a wide variety of subjects, from software to computer programming, project management, ESL grammar, and more. 

Other online resources

There are also a number of websites such as,, and that are good places to start your search. Type in a job title and location and results will pile in. The results may be overwhelming, but you can use the “search filters” to narrow down to your preferences. 

Another great source is Check out their Help page for information on getting started. From there, you can connect with your friends and professional connections. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to have at a time like this because friends and professional connections can share job opportunities over this site. Many companies also search for potential recruits through LinkedIn, so prospective employers may discover your profile and direct message you with opportunities.

Lastly, it’s important to be patient with yourself. Job hunting can take a long time and can be like a full-time job in itself. Take breaks, reward yourself, celebrate your accomplishments (even the small ones). You can do this!

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