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Jurassic Park Escape Room

We’re back with another virtual escape room! Try our Jurassic Park Virtual Escape Room now.

The world-famous Jurassic Park has opened once again, but a dinosaur egg has gone missing. Find it before it hatches!

Try the Jurassic Park Virtual Escape Room

This escape room was created for kids 8-11 years old, but anyone can test their skills and try it out.

Escape rooms are a fun activity to do on your own. But as we enter the cold months of winter, escape rooms are a great way to spend time with family and friends virtually! This escape room was tested out by Deerfield Public Library’s very own Youth Advisory Board and Teen Advisory board over Zoom meetings. So schedule a time to hang out with some friends and try to save Jurassic Park together. 

This escape room includes multiple-choice questions. If you get stuck, take a guess! If you’re wrong, the escape room will let you know and will occasionally give you a clue to help you figure out the right answer.

Good luck!

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