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May 2024 Grab & Go Kits

Below are the instructions for May 2024 Grab & Go kits! Grab one only in the Youth Department at the Library. While supplies last.


Bumblebee Puppet

Celebrate World Bee Day (May 20th) with these adorable bumblebee puppets! Be sure to check out these suggested books to read while you fly your puppet around and about!.

Each kit includes:

  • 6-inch paper plate
  • Sheet of yellow tissue paper
  • Two white paper circles
  • One black chenille stem
  • One black paper stinger
  • Two black paper stripes
  • One adhesive popsicle stick

You will also need:  

  • Glue or glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Black marker or crayon to add details


  1. Using the sheet of tissue paper, you can give your child practice with scissors and have them cut out smaller shapes. Glue those (or the entire yellow sheet, if you choose) to the paper plate.

IMG 3588

2. Glue the black strips to the bottom half of the paper plate. You can either wrap the ends around and glue or tape them to the back of the plate or simply trim them to match the curve of the paper plate.

IMG 3589

3. Glue the stinger to the bottom of the plate on the back. 

IMG 3590

4. Curl the chenille stem antennae if you want and staple or tape them to the back of the paper plate (opposite from the stinger).

5. Glue the white circles on as eyes. You can add details to the eyes with a black marker or crayon.

6. Draw a smile on your bee if you want.

7. Peel the wrapper off the adhesive end of the popsicle stick and add it to the back of the plate near the stinger. 

IMG 3595

8. Enjoy flying your puppet around as you read these unBEElievably good books! They’re truly buzz-worthy!

Wooden Toys

Instructions for the Grades 1-4 activity are in each kit.

Feel free to decorate your wooden toy with paints, markers, or stickers before assembling it!

Zine Making

Instructions for the Grades 5+ activity are in each kit.

If you need additional help with folding your Zine, watch this video:

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