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The Library will open at 10:00am on Wednesday, June 26 due to staff training.

Today's Hours:
The library is open today from 9am - 9pm

New and Improved at DPL…Your Self-Checkout Stations!

We have updated the look and functionality of our self-checkout stations for an easier and smoother checkout experience for patrons!

self-checkout machines_screen edited

The first thing you will notice about the updated self-checkout is the new main menu. Now, you can access Check-Out, Make a Payment, Renew, and Account right from the main menu. To select any of these options, simply touch the screen.

  • Touch Check-out to checkout the library’s items to your account.
  • Touch Make a Payment to pay fines on your account with a credit card.
  • Touch Renew to extend the due dates for items on your account.
  • Touch Account to view all of the items checked out to your account, print the list, and to see when items on your account are due back to the Library.

The new main menu also recommends books, music, movies, and upcoming Library programs, keeping you connected with what is new and exciting at the Deerfield Public Library!

After you select the option that you want from the main menu, the self-checkout will prompt you to scan in your library card. To scan in your library card, line up the barcode on the back of your card with the red scanner line on the check-out pad below the screen. The self-checkout will beep, and then open the menu option that you selected.

self-checkout machines_barcode edited

Checking out is easier than ever! After you select Check-Out from the main menu and scan in your library card, place your item on the black checkout pad. No need to scan a barcode, our materials have RFID tags that are automatically read. The self-checkout will beep, and your item will appear on the screen. Remove your item, and move it away from the checkout pad. Then, repeat the process for your next item.

Keep in mind that…

  •  You can only place one item at a time on the pad.
  •  If your items are too close together, the self-checkout will not let you checkout more items! Keep your items evenly spaced apart, and away from the checkout pad.

self checkout machines_books edited

When all of the items are checked out to your account, touch “Done” on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Next, you can choose “Print Receipt,” or “No Receipt.” The receipt will list all of your checked out items, and the respective due dates for those items. If you are registered for email notifications, you will also have the option for “Email Receipt.”  Once you select one of the receipt options, you’re done! It’s that easy!

If you have any questions about the self-check station, we’re here to help you! Patron Service assistants are ready to answer your questions at the main floor information desk, and the self-checkout desk.

Enjoy your new self-checkout stations!

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