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November Grab & Go: DINOvember!

It’s DINOvember! Join in the celebration with one of this month’s Grab & Go kits! Grab one at our outdoor Creation Station or stop by the Youth Department. While supplies last.

Youth Sticker IMG 5996

Youth – Tissue Paper Dino

Each Kit includes a dinosaur outline, tissue paper, and sticker eyes. 

You’ll need a glue stick from home. 

IMG 5989


1.Rip small pieces of tissue paper and crumple up into little loose balls

IMG 5992

2. Use a glue stick to glue on the tiny crumpled balls onto your dinosaur.

IMG 5993

3. Add your sticker eyes and you’re done!

IMG 5994

Optional: Cut out your dinosaur or color a background for them on the paper.

IMG 5997



Tween – Sew a Mini Dinosaur

Each kit has easy to follow instructions and everything you need to sew a mini dinosaur plush (pre-cut felt, plastic needle, thread, self adhesive accessories, stuffing). The only thing you might need is a pair of scissors.


4IMG 6011

Teen – Dinosaur Soap Egg

Each kit includes: 1 plastic egg, 1 dinosaur figure, 1 mini cup, 1 bottle of colorant, 4 squares of clear soap.
You’ll Need: A microwave, microwaveable bowl, something to stir with, tape


1.Tape the holes that are on both ends of the egg (you don’t want the soap to leak out!).

2. Melt the clear soap squares in the microwave in a safe bowl for about 40 seconds.

3. Mix in about 2-3 drops of the color to the melted soap (or leave it clear if you’d like!).

4. Use the mini cup to hold half the egg and fill that half with melted soap and add your figurine.

IMG 6012

5. Wait about 40-60 minutes for this half of the soap egg to harden.

6. Place the other half of the egg in the mini cup and fill with melted soap (you will need to remelt the soap in your bowl)

7. Place the hardened half with the dino figurine on top of the melted half and close the egg. Let it harden for about 2 hours.

IMG 6015

8. Once hardened, remove the tape from the holes and gently push on the sides to separate soap from the plastic egg.

IMG 6016

Optional: If you want to get rid of the middle seam – put the soap back in the egg, tape sides and holes, microwave for 20-40 seconds while gently shaking the egg every 10 seconds. Soap will also become smooth with use.


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