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The Library will open at 10:00am on Wednesday, June 26 due to staff training.

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The library is open today from 9am - 9pm

October 2023 Grab and Go Kits

Below are the instructions for October 2023 Grab & Go kits! Grab one only in the Youth Department at the Library. While supplies last.


Rainboo Ghost Sign

Instructions for the Pre K and Kindergarten craft can be found inside each kit.

Bat Mosaic Sign

Instructions for the Grades 1-4 craft can be found inside each kit.

Felt Ghost Bag Charm



  • 2 white felt ghost silhouettes with pre-cut holes
  • 1 plastic needle
  • Black embroidery floss
  • 1 bag of polyfill
  • 1 plastic bag clip
  • Black and pink markers (not included)
  • Scissors (not included)


  1. String bag clip onto a single piece of the silhouette in the top middle. Looping through the hole and clip loop 1-2 times to add security. Tie a double knot and cut off the excess.
    attach clip
  2. Cut enough string to roughly circle the shape 3 times and tie a knot to keep the string on the needle. (no need to double knot, though you may have to tighten the knot throughout sewing)
    string needle
  3. Sandwich the two pieces of felt together, the loop of your bag clip should be in between the two layers. Go from the front of the piece to the back, going through the middle hole, clip loop and other middle hole. Pull your thread almost all the way through, leaving a couple of inches. Tie the end to the string (creating a loop) and double knot. Leave the tail of the string on.
    tie on end of string
  4. Begin whip stitching around the ghost, stopping when you have a couple of inches left.
    1. Whip stitch is when you go in from the front of the piece to the back, and then when you come around the front again you go through the next hole (so on and so forth). Watch a video here.
    2. You could also try the blanket stitch for a different look. Watch a video here.
      whip stitch most of the way
  5. Stuff the figure with polyfill until your desired plushiness. (tip: use a pencil or chopstick to help push the stuffing in the nooks)
    stuff ghost
  6. Continue stitching until you have only 2 holes left, and stuff in a little more polyfill.
    stitch til almost closed
  7. When going through the final hole, make sure to go back through the clip loop (this makes the clip much more stable)
    go through clip on final hole
  8. Use the tail of the thread from the beginning to tie off with, making sure to double knot. Cut off excess string as close to the knot as possible (tip: if you still have extra string, try poking it inside the ghost)
    tie off
  9. Use markers to draw a face on one or both sides of the ghost. I added blush marks to mine using a pink marker.
    draw a face draw other face

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