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Read of the Week: The Magician’s Lie

With the dreariness of winter setting in, it can be easy to fall into a reading rut. To reach for the remote control before you reach for a book. To do pretty much anything that requires little to no brain power. Greer Macallister’s debut, “The Magician’s Lie”, is the book that will snap you out of your funk and remind your brain that there are wonderful stories to be enjoyed!

The story centers around Ada, a semi-famous traveling illusionist who goes by the name of The Amazing Arden. Ada grew up on a farm where she is tormented by a boy named Ray, who insists on hurting her simply to see what happens. Ada eventually escapes his torments by running away to the city where she becomes The Amazing Arden, notorious for her act of sawing a man in half.

Cover_Magicians LieOne night, while performing in Waterloo, Iowa, Arden switches her usual saw for a fire ax and the man believed to be her husband is found dead shortly thereafter. Arden is quickly apprehended by policeman Virgil Holt, who has seen the entire shocking show from the audience. While Virgil holds her in custody, Arden insists that not all is what it seems and assures that she will tell him the truth of what really happened that evening. The book then goes back and forth between Ada/Arden’s life story and her situation in custody with Virgil, leading us through Ada’s youth, early years learning illusions, and romances, all the way to the fateful night leading to her arrest.

Often described as part “Night Circus”, part “Water for Elephants”, I found myself looking forward to picking this up every evening to see where Arden’s story would lead next. A strong, interesting female main character combined with a little bit of magic made for a very entertaining read. It was an escape into a story in a way that I haven’t had since either one of the abovementioned books.

You can put “The Magician’s Lie” on hold in our catalog right now. If you have to wait, be sure to check out “You Might Also Like These…” at the bottom of the book’s catalog page.

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