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The Library will open at 10:00am on Thursday, April 25 due to staff training.

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Services Offered at Our Self Check-out Machines

If you’ve visited our library recently, you’ve probably used, or at least noticed, our self check-out machines on our main floor.  These machines provide a convenient way to check-out materials, but did you know they also provide the following services?

1. See what’s on your account.   After scanning your library card, you can find a button that says “Account Info” in the lower right corner of the screen. If you press this button, you can view the total number of items checked out to you, the number of overdue items, as well as the amount of fines assessed. If you would like a printed record of all the items on your account, press “Print Info,” and a receipt will print, listing all the items currently checked out to you with their due dates. If you do not want a printed list, but simply want to view the items on your account, press “forward,” and the screen will display the list of items currently checked out to you, due dates included.

2. Renew items on your account.  If you press the “Renew Items” button, also found at the lower right corner of the screen, you can choose to renew any items on your account, provided that they are renewable.  (Remember: some items cannot be renewed, such as videos less than six months old, items on hold for another patron, or items already renewed twice. Unfortunately, Interlibrary Loan items cannot be renewed using the self check-out machines; to inquire about renewal for these items, please speak with a patron services assistant.)

3. Get a receipt of the items you check-out in the format you choose.  Once you finish checking out items, you can choose any of the following options: “Logout with Receipt,” “Logout No Receipt,” or “Email Receipt.”  We strongly encourage patrons either to print a receipt, or have one emailed to them, to help keep track of due dates. (Note: Email receipts are only available if we have your email address in our system and we have you signed up for email notification.  If you are signed up for phone notification, the “Email Receipt” button will not appear.)  Regardless of whether you want a receipt, always remember to Logout when you use the self check-out machines!  This is essential for maintaining account security.

4. Pay fines using a debit or credit card.  When you scan your library card at one of the machines, the screen will display a message if fines have been added to your account.  If you have fines less than $10, you may either choose to pay the fines at the machine, or pay them later.  Additionally, you can choose either to pay the full amount of your fines, or only a minimum portion.  Once you choose to pay your fines, and select the amount, you can swipe your debit or credit card on the reader attached to the screen.  You can also choose to print a receipt for any payments you make.  Of course, cash and check payments can still be made at the information desk, or at the self check-out help desk, when a staff member is present.

We hope the self check-out machines provide a convenient way for you to borrow materials, while also allowing you to manage your account with ease.  We understand that any technology can have a bit of a learning curve, so if you have questions about how to use these machines, or experience any problems with them, do not hesitate to ask for help from a library staff member.


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