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The Library will open at 10:00am on Thursday, April 25 due to staff training.

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Three Things You Might Not Know About Your Library Card

  1. You can use your Deerfield card at public libraries all over Illinois!

    Perhaps you live in Deerfield, but another public library is closer to your workplace. If you take your valid card to the Circulation Desk at that library, they will be able to register it in their system. Usually, they will ask to see a government-issued picture ID. Many libraries will also call us to make sure your card is current and your borrowing privileges are not blocked due to excessive fines. Each library will have its own policies regarding reciprocal borrowers. Some will allow you to borrow anything you like, while others may restrict some items, such as DVDs. 

  2. Your card will expire.

    Cards for Deerfield residents must be renewed every three years so that we can keep our records current. Find your card’s expiration date by visiting one of our service desks, by calling the library, or by checking your account online. If your card has expired, you must update it in person. Simply visit the Information Desk and present a valid government-issued picture ID. If your Deerfield address doesn’t match the address on your ID, you will also need to bring proof of Deerfield residency, such as a utility bill or a lease agreement. Our staff will confirm your contact information and update your card’s expiration date. This process only takes a few minutes, and your card will be valid for another three years.

    Cards for our reciprocal borrowers expire yearly. To update your card, visit the Information Desk and present identification with your current address. We will call your home library to confirm that you are in good standing, and then we will extend your privileges for another year.

    Fee cards for residents of Riverwoods, Bannockburn, and unincorporated Deerfield also expire yearly. These cards can be renewed at the Information Desk where we will calculate the fee for your family for the year.

  3. Your barcode number is unique to you.

    Every individual patron has his or her own library card with a unique number. In order to protect your privacy, no one else can access your account without your card. The chief implication of this policy affects items on our Self-Service Hold Shelf. Our system is designed to block other users from taking an item that is reserved for you, ensuring your material is available. Some patrons want to take items off the shelf for family or friends, but this is only possible if they have the card of the patron who placed the hold. Library staff members cannot override this security feature.

    Our library cards now come with an additional key chain card. Some families share these cards so they can pick up holds for each other. They may split the two parts of the card, with one person taking the wallet portion and one person taking the key chain portion. If you would like one of these new cards, please stop at the Information Desk, and you can have your card replaced. Other families use the Key Ring app or the CardStar app on their smartphones to share library cards. Feel free to use these suggestions, however, you will be responsible for any item borrowed on your account, whether you, or someone else, picks the item(s) up.

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