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Tween Grab & Go: DIY T-Shirt Tote

This month’s Tween Grab & Go craft is a DIY T-Shirt Tote! Kits are available while supplies last outside in the green creation station and inside the Library in the Youth Services Department.

This activity is tailored for grades 4-6.


  • T-shirt (the white one provided or an old one you are okay cutting up!)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sharpie and fabric markers


Step 1.

Color on your t-shirt with the sharpie and/or fabric markers. (Note: if you don’t want the sharpie to bleed through to the back, stick a piece of cardboard inside your shirt while you draw on it)

IMG 7606 1

Step 2.

Cut off the sleeves and neckline. (Note: if you do not want the fringe at the bottom of the bag, this is the point where you should turn your shirt inside out and lay it flat again)

IMG 7608 1

Step 3.

Cut strips along the bottom of the shirt that are about ½ inch wide and go up about 6 inches. (note: the higher up you go, the shallower your bag will be)

IMG 7612 1

Step 4.

Tie the first front and back pair together once. Now, to make sure that there are not holes in the bottom of your bag, take one strand from the next pair and tie it once to one of the strands from the first pair. Then tie the original two strands together one more time. Repeat, tying the second pair together, then tie one strand from the third pair tying one strand from the second pair, then tie the second pair again.

IMG 7613 1 IMG 7614 1

Step 5.

Repeat until the end! If you want your fringe on the inside, flip it back right side out.

IMG 7615 1 IMG 7616 1

Enjoy your bag!

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