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Tween Grab & Go: UV Reactive Bead Lizard

This month’s Tween Grab & Go craft is a lizard made out of UV Reactive Beads! Kits are available while supplies last outside in the green creation station and inside the Library in the Youth Services Department.

Recommended grade level: incoming 3rd graders – 8th graders


  • 2 eye beads
  • 6 back beads
  • 12 toe beads
  • 35 body beads (these are UV reactive and will go from clear to colorful in the sunlight!)
  • Rainbow string
  • Keychain ring


  1. Watch the first half of the YouTube video Lizard Bead Keychain to learn how to start your keychain and weave the string through the beads.
  2. Use this technique to follow this pattern (if you do not you will have 5 extra body beads)*note the extra row of two before the front legs and the extra row of two before the back legs
    bead lizard 2 1
  3. Tighten your string and tie a double knot at the end.
  4. Take your lizard outside on a sunny day to see the body go from clear to colorful! It changes back when you go inside again.

Tip: Add a dot of glue to the knot for extra security.


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