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A World of Reading: Library Language Resources for Youth

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.”

Is your child looking to learn a new language or to continue exploring a language with which they have familiarity? Look no further than our growing Youth World Languages collection. Located in the southwestern corner of the Youth nonfiction section, this collection includes books, DVDs, and CDs in a variety of world languages such as Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian, and more. The collection is organized by language; within each language, materials are sorted by format and genre. English language resources that feature words and phrases from additional languages will continue to be located in the general collection.

Whether patrons are browsing just for fun or entering the Library with a specific need in mind, this setup centralizes Youth language resources and makes them easier to locate. It also offers an opportunity for the Library to respond to community input, as we will continue to grow the collection and acquire language materials based upon patron requests and demand. If there is a language you’d like to see represented in the collection, please share your thoughts by speaking to a staff member or leaving a note in the comment box located by the Youth World Languages collection.

Online Resources

The Library’s e-resources also support language learners. Britannica Online, for example, features an embedded language translator, and materials in other languages can be accessed through Hoopla. The Library also subscribes to Mango Languages and Little Pim, a suite of digital resources created to support patrons of all ages in language acquisition. Mango Languages includes resources for at least 17 native languages, and Little Pim is specifically designed for young children to use as they develop their language skills.

Make sure to check out the new Youth World Languages collection and our language e-resources, and let us know what you think! It will be exciting to watch the collection evolve as community members let their ideas, interests, and languages be known.

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