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Youth Grab and Go: Yarn Art

Prepare to get cozy as our Youth Grab & Go Kit this November features yarn art!

yarn art 1

Be as creative as you’d like with this ball of yarn and piece of paper. Create any design that you want or, like me, make a dinosaur!

First, trace the design you’d like on your piece of paper.

outline rotated 1

Next, fill your shape with glue. Be careful, you only need a little bit! I traced the outline with glue and then filled in the shape with glue as well.

glue 1

After that, cover your design with yarn! I found it easiest to create the outline and then fill the yarn in to create one massive loop. You can also start from one end and go to the other with your yarn. Be patient as it takes some time to fill in all the space. Your hands will get messy with glue in the process, but it will be worth it!

glue and yarn rotated 1yarn and glue 2 1

Depending on your design, you might have extra yarn leftover. If you have a piece of paper at home, create a new design with a new shape! Is it easier or harder to do yarn art with a really small shape? Or create the same design but fill it indifferently. Which method made it more difficult? Why do you think that is?

Want to read more about yarn? Here are some fun ideas and stories!

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