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Day 22: Puzzle Pieces by D. A. Powell

Queer Poem-a-Day is a program from the Adult Services Department at the Library and may include adult language.

Puzzle Pieces

by D. A. Powell

They haven’t invented a “morning after” pill that actually gets rid of the morning after. As long as we’re talking about where I been.


Down to the E-Z Stop market to grab some buds. That’s when I ran into Hot Check Hannah, who wrote, you guessed it, a hot check

& got me some smokes. Somehow I still had five bucks when I got to the bar. I wish I’d had it when I left. I could have used five dollars.


I’m not even gonna tell you what it was like to fuck in Eddie’s trailer. Or Eddie’s friend’s trailer. [Different Eddie] [Different trailer]

God knows where he is now. Once, we were close enough to give each other lice. The future is the present we leave for others.


Besides the complications, there were bodies, the wonder of bodies, the misery of bodies. Oh, Time, you done robbed me blind.

Copyright © 2021 by D. A. Powell. Used with the permission of the author. First appeared in Iowa Reviewvol 44 issue 3 and later published in and chapbook Atlas T (2020.)

About the Author

Author headshotD. A. Powell is a painter and poet living in San Francisco. His books include Repast (Graywolf, 2014) and Useless Landscape, or A Guide for Boys (Graywolf, 2012). He received the 2019 John Updike Award from the American Academy of Arts & Letters. Twitter: @powell_da


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2021 Queer Poem a Day

Queer Poem-a-Day is directed by poet and teacher Lisa Hiton and Dylan Zavagno, Adult Services Coordinator at the Deerfield Public Library. Music for this second year of our series is the first movement, Schéhérazade, from Masques, Op. 34, by Karol Szymanowski, performed by pianist Daniel Baer. Queer Poem-a-Day is supported by generous donations from the Friends of the Deerfield Public Library and the Deerfield Fine Arts Commission.

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